Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Premie Teaches Me...

This is not my work. Borrowed from All credit given to the original author ().

Some of life's greatest lessons are learned from the littlest ones:

"Lying under radiant heat, hooked to machines, wires, and tubes; fine thin hair covers your small vulnerable body. You struggle for each breath you take. I look at you and marvel at your strength. Strength not measured by physical power but by the power to persevere and overcome daily adversities. You teach me to never take a single breath for granted.

You toil and try, struggle and strive and finally triumph over every single milestone we set for you. The NICU expectations are high, and you continue to amaze me. You are constantly working, extremely patient and tolerant to everything we set before you. You teach me that nothing is impossible.

As you work so hard to digest your food, gain even an ounce, and hold your temperature all on your own- I see the determination in your eyes and your endurance is inspiring. You teach me that hard work pays off and to never give up on a goal. You inspire me to be and do better.

As you cuddle with your mother, snuggled deep upon her chest, I see her smile and I see you peacefully enjoying her warmth and the sound of her heart beating. You teach me to appreciate the simple free things in life as they are worth more than anything money could ever buy.

The definition of brave cannot be more defined than by you. You have taught me appreciation, acceptance, understanding, compassion, patience and hope. You have taught me much more than I could have ever taught you and for that I am grateful.

Those who pause in their world long enough to get to know yours, will know what it’s like to meet a true living miracle and I am thankful I was chosen to be part of it."
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  1. It's 5:25 in the morning, and now I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. That's awesome, Mr. Tim!

  2. Thanks for reading, Anonymous Poster. :P